10,000 Ubuntu Phones Activated

Canonical has just announced that more than 10,000 mobile devices running the Ubuntu Operating System has been activated. According to Michael Hall, this important milestone for the company is achieved with the help from their partners Meizu and Bq.

What are the key notes from this announcement

Ubuntu phone (and tablet) users can sign into their Ubuntu One account on their device in order to download or update the applications on their phone.

Canonical is able to provide many useful features that users expect coming from Android or iOS, such as being able to re-install their collection of apps on a new phone or after resetting their current one, or browsing the store’s website (coming soon) and having the option to install an app directly to their device from there.

Canonical is able to know how many unique Ubuntu One accounts have connected to the store to in order to download an app, and that number has announced has this week passed the 10,000 mark.

This is an important achievement for Canonical has there are currently no phones available to purchase with the Ubuntu OS running on them meaning users of Nexus phones are only left with an option to either wipe their Android off their phones in favor of Ubuntu OS or better still dual booth with Android which is a welcomed news.

As noted, if 10,000 people are willing to install the beta release of Ubuntu phone on their device, then just imagine how many more will want to purchase a phone with Ubuntu pre-installed and with full support from the manufacturer.

The first sets of phones with built-in Ubuntu OS from OEMs will be shipped later this year (possibly during Autumn season).

Due to a steady growth in the number of applications developed by developers targeting Ubuntu phone and using the Ubuntu SDK, Canonical has created an Ubuntu App Pioneers page, whilst also sending out Pioneers t-shirts to these intrepid developers who, again, are so excited about a platform that isn’t even available to consumers yet that they’ve dedicated their time and energy into making it better for everyone.

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