Install Winusb in Ubuntu 14.04

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Install WinUSB in Ubuntu 14.04: It is a simple tool that enables you to create your own usb stick windows installer from an iso image or a real DVD. This package contains two programs:

WinUSB-gui: a graphical interface which is very easy to use
winusb: the command line tool

Currently there is no version for Ubuntu 14.04 in Ubuntu Repository. To successfully install Winusb on Ubuntu 14.04, you need to install the Saucy version and run the dependencies fix switch to fix the dependencies.

Install Winusb in Ubuntu 14.04

– Press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open Terminal, download the deb files





– Install Winusb

sudo dpkg -i winusb_1.0.11+saucy1*

– Fix dependencies errors

sudo apt-get -f install

Install Winusb


Les us know if you have any questions or problems during the installation in the comments section. We’ll try to answer to every comment. You can also let us know simply if this guide worked for you, that way you’re also helping other visitors of the site to see  if they can trust this solution or not.

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  • germanic

    Добра тебе чувак, пол дня потратил на установку и всё впустую, и только здесь нашлось работающее решение.

  • ShawnStoebe

    cant connect to launchpad 🙁

  • sysads

    was the install successful?
    what error are you getting?

  • sysads

    Arabic Translation: You good dude, spent half a day to install and all for nothing, and only here there was a workable solution.

    Glad this helped 🙂

  • veeman

    ShawnStoebe Launchpad was down yesterday. It should be back online now.

  • sysads

    veeman ShawnStoebe
    Thanks veeman for the response. It didn’t occur to me launchpad was down since I was connected.

  • mrwingedlight


  • sysads

    anytime 🙂

  • SinNebojsa

    I try everything but whenever it goes on installing for i386-pc platform .. its doing that like forever .. what to do

    • Can you post a screenshot of the issue?

    • Mateusz Bagiński

      I have rewritten WinUSB to python 🙂 If winusb doesn’t work, try my program. It’s working on Ubuntu 15.04 🙂
      sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3.4
      sudo pip3 install py-winusb
      sudo py-winusb


      • zn

        Stuck on “Installing GRUB”.

  • sysads

    what Ubuntu OS are you installing on?

  • SinNebojsa

    sysads it was false alarm .. after 2 hours of doing something it was finally over and i menage to install windows .. 
    p.s. it was latest version 14.04 lts 
    tnx for fast reply

  • sysads

    SinNebojsa sysads
    am glad you sorted it out.

  • UlfricHeldosson

    I recently had to replace my hard drive. However, I lost my windows disk and went to the library and burned a simple copy of Ubuntu to do my school work on. Now I want windows back! I have the ISO on a disk again and downloaded this tool. When I run it however, I get the following error mesage:
    “Installation failed !
    Exit code: 256
    Formating device…
    Warning: Partition /dev/sdb is being used. Are you sure you want to continue?”
    PS I downloaded a VM from Virtualbox to attempt to run my programs off of it, but I really just want the full hard drive for Windows.

    • when you said downloaded this tool, what OS did you install it on?

      • UlfricHeldosson

        To answer your question, it was on the Ubuntu system that I had said that I burned. However, I installed Gparted and wiped the flash drive (that i had been trying to run this to) and tried this program again. This time it worked! Now I am back to Windows…almost…dang drivers. Anyway, thank you for the interest and thanks to the developers!

        • Glad to hear its working now. Cheers

        • Thanks for that tip, I had the same problem, your question helped me!

        • Ozan Akman

          Thanks man. Worked for me too!

  • robert ethridge

    the only source that worked thank you

    • anytime

    • Abraham Pipipi

      hi it ask me for a sudo password

      • robert ethridge

        sudo password is toor

  • robert ethridge

    the ppa`s no longer work for this but thank god some knows how to get around that

  • Abraham Pipipi

    it ask me for the sudo password

    • Hi, you must have logged into your machine with an account with root access, use the account’s password and see if it works

  • luzan

    Thanks for your guide, I also found a way to install and use WinUSB in Ubuntu 14.04 too, its here, both ways of installation via source and via ppa

  • noico

    ERROR: unknown argument “win7.iso” ; can inwoke winusb, but no gui present ….

  • Ignorance

    Thanks. You’re the homie.

  • Russs

    My win8.iso file md5 and sha1 hashes become changed after I write iso on usb with winusb. So I dont know what and why this deb file does and wouldn’t recomend to use it. Check yours before and after. And still, it created a workable x32-win-boot-usb.

  • jtarin

    Thanks for this…couldn’t find a working copy anywhere. Installed on Mint 17 no problems. Setup USB with GParted and installed 7 Ultimate with not a hitch. Thanks again.

    • Awesome to hear this went well without any glitch 🙂

  • Ernesto Sánchez Macías

    It works for me. Thanks.

  • Strauss Field

    Can’t select ”target device”.

  • Hotel

    when i try this it “returns error code 1” after doing the fix the dependencies step. PLEASE HELP

  • Rafaell Silva

    thank you!