Install NetBeans IDE 8.0 on Ubuntu 13.10, 14.04

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NetBeans is a free and open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developers. NetBeans allows users or developers to quickly build mobile and web applications using HTML, PHP, C and C++.

The latest stable release of NetBeans – IDE 8.0, has been released with following features:

  • Java 8 Code Analyzers
  • Java 8 Code Editors
  • Support for Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8 and Java ME Embedded 8
  • Enhanced Maven Support
  • Enhanced Java EE 7 Support with PrimeFaces
  • New Tools for HTML5 and AngularJS
  • Improved PHP and C/C++ Support

Step 1: Install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8

– NetBeans IDE requires Oracle JDK installed first. Run following commands to install JDK

sudo apt-get purge openjdk*
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

Note: you will be prompted to accept the EULA. See my earlier post on How to install Orcale JDK for details

– Check Java version to ensure it was installed correctly

java -version

Step 2: Download NetBeans Installer

– There are diferent NetBeans IDE download bundles. You can download specific bundle as desired or download for all bundles and select which to install



For Java SE


For Java EE


For C/C++


For All


– For the purpose of this post, I am downloading for ALL


Step 3: Install NetBeans

$ chmod +x
$ ./

– On the Welcome screen, you can click ‘Customize‘ to select which package(s) to install or simply click Next to install all packages


– Accept Licence Agreement


– Accept default install location


– Click install on Summary page


– Click Finish on completion


Now you can start using NetBeans


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  • jssicamartinsnunes

    Ótimo tutorial 🙂

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  • danson

    Very simple method … Thank you very much!

  • sysads

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Blup

    Thanks! Everything perfect

  • Oscar Miras

    Thank you for this tutorial

  • KICK

    It says permission denied

  • Wellington

    Smashing tutorial!I was having a hard time installing NetBeans, and i must say, your tutorial was perfect, everything went perfect on installing it.
    I can’t wait to learn Java on college! =)
    Thanks a lot, friend!

    • Thanks and good luck with your Java learning

  • Franta

    I have now a directory Netbeans. How can I start it? I have no icon in the

    • If you click on the “Search your applications and online sources” icon (I don’t know the official name of it), and type in netbeans in the search bar, or look in the applications section, you will see the launcher there.
      Hope that helps!