Keep An Eye On Your System With Glances Monitor

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I recently came across an interesting tool called Glances which allows you to monitor your Linux systems resources such as CPU/Memory usage, Swap, Disk I/O, Network and many more. Glances is a free software (licensed under LGPL) to monitor your GNU/Linux or BSD operating system from a text interface. Glances uses the library libstatgrab to retrieve information from your system and it is developed in Python.

On CentOS/RHEL 6.5

– Open terminal console and run following command:

[code language=”js”]# yum install glances[/code]


On Ubuntu/Debian 13:10

– Open terminal console and run the following command:

[code language=”js”]
$ sudo apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev
$ sudo pip install Glances
$ sudo pip install PySensors


To start Glances, simply type “glances” in terminal

CentOS 6.5


Ubuntu 13:10


By default the color code means:

GREEN: the statistic is “OKBLUE : the statistic is “CAREFUL” (to watch)
VIOLET : the statistic is “WARNING” (alert)
RED : the statistic is “CRITICAL” (critical)

When Glances is running, you can press some special keys to give commands to it:

c: Sort processes by CPU%  
m: Sort processes by MEM%  
p: Sort processes by name  
i: Sort processes by IO Rate  
d: Show/hide disk I/O stats  
f: Show/hide file system stats  
n: Show/hide network stats  
s: Show/hide sensors stats  
b: Bit/s or Byte/s for network IO  
w: Delete warning logs  
x: Delete warning and critical logs  
1: Global CPU or Per Core stats  
h: Show/hide this help message  
q: Quit (Esc and Ctrl-C also work)  
l: Show/hide log messages
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