Install WordPress on Windows Server 2008 R2

I have seen documented steps by step procedure on many sites on how to install WordPress but what strikes my attention is the amount of time and effort been put into documenting the installation of the different prerequisites and components required to complete the installation.

The good news is Microsoft have developed a tool which would install all the required prerequisites and components and also complete the installation of WordPress all from a single click :). This tool is called Web Platform Installer (Web PI).

OK enough of the talking and let’s begin :).

Setup Guide:

– Click here and download the latest Web Platform Installer

– Double-click the downloaded Web PI and wait for the installer to load

– On the Web Platform Installer page, type WordPress in the search text box and enter

– From the search result, click the Add button for WordPress and click Install

– On the Prerequisites screen, select appropriate SQL database (Note: If you want to use SQL server, then ensure that is installed first before running this). Enter the root password, click Continue

– On next screen, click “I Accept” to install the additional dependencies

– The system would begin download and installation of all required components

– After installation is completed, the Site configuration screen would appear. Accept the default settings or make changes as needed, and click Continue

– The system would begin configuration of WordPress

– After installation is completed, copy the Password Settings details and safe it somewhere you will always remember. Click Finish

– On your WordPress Welcome page, enter the Site Title, User Name, Password and eMail address. Click Install WordPress

– After installation is finished, click Log in to redirect you to the Login page. Enter your admin password and click Login

– If installation was all successful, you should see your brand new website 🙂 and you are ready to start your first website. Note: Install the latest WordPress update…

– To access the site in future, copy and paste this URL “http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php

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