Installing and Configuring WinDbg (Windows Debug Tools)‏

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  • Waqar Ahmed

    Thank you very much for this. Very useful

    • Sysadmin

      Thanks for your comment

  • Pharmk551

    Very nice site!

    • Sysadmin

      Thanks for visiting

  • tmack

    Hi, I selected the option to include redistributable files but they are nowhere to be found on my drive.

    I have Win 7 x64 so the x64 bits were installed; will these tools debug x86 apps?


  • wolf5370

    @tmack Hi – suggest downloading the standalone Windows 8.1 Debugging Tools (this works on Win 7 x64!) – deselect everything except for Debugging tool. It will then be under C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.1Debuggersx64 (for 64 bit WinDbg – or x86 directory for 32bit)